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Ute Bauer, Sculptor, Geneva

2014 Poems
2012 “Sculptures 1995–2012”

Silvia Buol, Artist, Basel

2019 “Watercolors and Drawings” (book)
2016 Booklet: “Colour and Paper – Clay and Glazes”

Jan de Cock, Sculptor, Brussels

2015 Essay about “Everything for You, Herford”
2014 Essay about “Everything for You, Carrara”

Glaser/Kunz, Artist Duo, Zurich

2014 Dossier for an exhibition at the Charterhouse of Ittingen

Daniel Schwartz, Photographer and Author, Solothurn (CH)

2019 Texts for miscellaneous publications
2017 Website texts
2014 “While the Fires Burn” (book and show)
2012 “Ice Age – Our Age” (exhibition at the Kunsthaus Langenthal)
2009 “Travelling Through the Eye of History” (book and exhibition at the Helmhaus Zurich and Martin-Gropius-Bau Berlin)

Aurelia Wasser, Painter, Stuttgart

2019 Artist statement and other texts
2016 Texts on “Lichtgaenger”
2014 Article for mundus, New York

Dr. Juliane von Fircks, Berlin

2014 “Panni Tartarici” – for the magazine Orientations

Dr. Heiko Damm, Mainz

2019 “Abbreviations, Cursoriness and Omission in Luca Giordano’s Drawings”

Dr. Roman Kurzmeyer/Verein Atelier Amden, Basel

2019 Various texts for the Amden Atelier
2015 “The Amden Atelier”

Dr. Matthias Mayerhofer, Regensburg

2014 “Stift Niedermünster and Its Canonesses” (for the Kunstsammlungen des Bistums Regensburg)

Dr. Arthur Rüegg, Zurich

2019 “World of Objects – Le Corbusier’s collection particulière”
2016 “Modernist Domestic Culture(s)”
2015 “Towards Abstraction: Furniture Design as a Laboratory for Architectural Expression”

Dr. Matthias Schirren, Kaiserslautern

2019 “Mountains Literally – Taut’s Alpine Architecture Revisited”
“The Writing Systems of Building”

Dr. Astrit Schmidt-Burckhardt, Berlin

2017 “Maciunas, Mapping, and Meaning”
2015 “Otto Neurath and Diagrammatic Practice in the Soviet Union”

Dr. Lorenz Seelig, Munich

2015 “Die Kunstsammlung Alfred Pringsheim”
2012 “Baroque Goldsmiths’ Work from Antwerp”
2011 “Gold Box Production in Hanau”

Dr. Karen Stolleis, Frankfurt am Main

2012 “The Treasury of St. Leonhard’s Church, Frankfurt” (catalogue introduction)

Dr. Kurt Zeitler, Munich

2014 Essay on a series of prints by Ciamberlano for Print Quarterly
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